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Product Packages

1 month treatment

(Test program)

If you have not yet used Intimateultra Plus, you can use this package. These will be enough to give you excellent results in the first 1 month. Your penis can grow up to 1 inch.

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2 months treatment

(Ambitious program)

The Intimateultra Plus 2-month treatment is designed for men who want the best edge. This results in great results and the thickness of the penis is also greatly increased. With this option your penis can grow up to 3+ inches.

Order Now Rs. 2590/-

We give you a money back guarantee.

We are very confident in our product. We are 100% sure about its effectiveness and results.

Discreet packaging and convenient COD payment.

Our thoughtful packaging ensures 100% privacy. No one will be able to tell what is in the package.

Approved by more than 42 urologists doctors.

In addition, we are proud to have over 20,000 satisfied customers from all over the world.

comparison between

Intimateultra Plus and other products

Q1. Is it safe

Q2. Docotrs Approved by?

Q3. How easy to use?

Q4. How effective is it?

Q5. COD available?

Q6. Made in india

Q6. Money back promise

Intimateultra plus

Yes (100% safe and natural)

By more than 40 doctors worldwide

Take one tablet a day

scientifically proven




other products

Powder pumping machine etc.

No (Skin rashes, allergic reaction, headache)

Only a doctor

May have to be used multiple times a day

Any evidence or statistics


Your Product - Intimateultra Plus

The formula works quickly and increases your penis by 3+ inches.

With 1 month of treatment, your penis will be enlarged by 1 inch.

After 2 months of treatment, your penis will grow up to 1.5 inches long.

Taking it for 3 months will make your penis longer by 3+ inches.

Our Solution

Intimateultra plus

सुपर मेन प्लस

Intimateultra Plus formula increases penis growth rate.

It enlarges the blood vessels and makes your penis thicker.

Improvement in strength and duration of erections.

Intimateultra Plus makes your penis nerves stronger and increases your ability to orgasm.








The dose
Intimateultra plus

Every night

After dinner

A pill with milk

100% safe with no side effects.

Intimateultra Plus means that it is 100% safe for people of all ages.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

We are giving this guarantee because we are 100% confident that our medicine will work and give excellent results. Its results will always be better than you expected.

Recognized by more than 42 urologists (physicians of men’s genitals).

Along with this, we are also proud that we have more than 1.5 Million satisfied customers all over the world.

We provide the facility of fast delivery of the product with the convenience of paying money when the product reaches home.

We pack the product in a special and professional manner before sending it so that no one else knows what you have ordered. Your privacy is the first priority for us.

how it works?

It marks the mark with the likes of HERBS and VITAMINS known as Organic and Natural APHRODISIACS.

  • Hardening and hardening of the penis is associated with the three pillars of the tissue corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. Painkilling helps to expand them as soon as it gives you more energy.
  • It also increases your body's testosterone levels so that your testicles have enough energy for your relentless sex drive.
  • This formula has been tried and tested by men and we have received feedback from their partners who told us they have never been happier

All our customers are satisfied with its impact

We can say this confidently that these results have been made on the basis of social survey given by more than 1.5 Million customers.

How well does Intimateultra Plus work?

Let us know what our satisfied customers have to say about Intimateultra Plus!

Clear confirmation of our satisfied customer

Pictures and announcements sent together by our dedicated customers:

A small penis problem was not clear to me until I got married. After my marriage, I realized that I had a problem and my wife often complained that she was not satisfied with my performance in bed. I had no choice but to look for a solution in the market. I tried several treatments, but did not see any results until I tried Intimateultra Plus. I heard about this from a friend who used Intimateultra Plus to solve the same issue. Once I started taking Intimateultra Plus, I noticed an immediate change in the size of my organ and the quality of my sex life. My wife is now happy with her performance and our marriage was saved. Now we are living happily.

I am writing my thanks to Intimateultra Plus, who helped solve my small penis problem. After I started taking the capsules, the length of my penis increased considerably and now I am assured to satisfy any woman on this planet. Before trying Intimateultra Plus, I tried many other treatments including oil and even medicines prescribed by doctors but I was not satisfied with it. I heard about Intimateultra Plus and it changed my life. Now, there is no problem in satisfying my wife and in the end, I feel like a man.

Thanks to Intimateultra Plus for making my married life well reach new heights. I wanted to increase the length of my penis from 3 inches to 6 inches. Then I used your product Intimateultra Plus which gave me better results even more than 25% in thickness, in fact what you said on your website has got better results. It was beyond my wildest expectations. My life partner and girlfriend are visibly happy, but with it my confidence and my choices have also increased. Thank you for giving me this profitable product.

About Intimateultra Plus

We have carefully selected this product to manufacture and when combined, these materials work together to increase overall effectiveness. It instantly activates within your body and is the secret behind the excellent results it delivers.

We take very good care with the quality. In the rare instance if you have a problem or complaint with the product, please inform us and we will send you an option immediately.

Rest assured that only the best and top quality material comes in the making of Intimateultra Plus.

It is now clear that Intimateultra Plus is a 100% safe and effective penis size enhancer.

Intimateultra Plus - Content Overview

In this post, we will ask the components of this product to give you a better idea about its efficiency. This will help you make a well-informed choice.

Intimateultra Plus FORMULA

To provide a completely natural performance booster supplement for men, we use superior quality ingredients in preparing penis booster energy pills.

It encourages blood flow which makes your penis stronger and longer.

It keeps you active and maintains stamina through sex drive.

If you have any complaints about our product in a rare case, you can contact us to change the product.

Only very good quality ingredients are used in making Intimateultra Plus.

With natural and proven ingredients, Intimateultra Plus is 100% safe and effective.

White Muesli

Musli is an important amino acid. It is dynamically involved in many diverse important roles of the human body. Muesli wear improves the construction duration and resolution. It also reduces the average time required for muscle development. Due to this, it can prolong the period of sexual intercourse.


When it comes to sexual activity, it is one of the most important ingredients of your body. Inappropriately, most men do not receive sufficient amounts of this ingredient. Arginine helps in erecting the necessary muscle fibers for proper blood circulation.


This component increases the level of nitric oxide in your body. Additionally, it also increases oxygen delivery and blood circulation. Many athletes and weight lifters use glycine in their bodies to correct nitric oxide levels. This helps them to stimulate muscle growth.


This material shortens the length of time required for muscle and fiber regeneration. It recovers the vitality of your body. In addition to glycine, ornithine corrects your erection and sexual firmness

Statistics offer:

Data is something that helps establish the facts and the facts of the case Intimateultra Plus increases your dick size. We did a survey of 500 men who used Intimateultra Plus and before we used Intimateultra Plus and their centimeters K measured his dick before using Intimateultra Plus with a gradual increase.

Penis length increase:

On average, the defendants gained 0.393 inches a month later. According to the study, men with penis length less than 6.3 inches increased the most from XYZ. All the defendants were common about the effectiveness of Intimateultra Plus. They all agreed that it was harmless and effective.

Increase in penis thickness:

The regular gain in penis size in the first month was 0.397 inches. After two months, the average total size had increased to 0.787 inches. After another month (12 weeks in total), the average gain was 1.574 inches.

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